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The truth is, immigration is a long, tedious, and frightening process. Newcomers benefit from guidance through every stage, but they are not always provided with the support they need. MapleStories Organization is uniquely positioned to understand this and is committed to making Canadian immigration accessible to everyone by providing diverse professional services to those who need them.

The MapleStories Organization's mission is to provide our clients with a successful Canadian immigration process that goes beyond getting a visa, helping them benefit through the experience of immigrants who have come before them and achieved a brighter future in Canada.


We believe that immigration to Canada should be accessible to anyone. Our agency sees a future where support for new immigrants includes practical steps, resources, and networking in order to help make Canada their home.

Immigration should be possible for everyone, even those who have no family in Canada or who do not understand the complexities of the visa application process. Our team is committed to helping you achieve a better future, no matter your background or knowledge of the Canadian immigration system.


MapleStories Organization takes a holistic approach to Canadian immigration by assisting individuals and their families with a 3 stage process. Immigration doesn’t stop at a successful visa application, and neither does our method.

We work with our clients to target naturalization as a long term strategy through employment support and community building. By providing access to job opportunities, training, and connecting our clients with individuals and families who have settled in Canada, we prepare new immigrants for the real life situations that come after the paperwork.

About our team

Our team is entirely composed of Canadian immigrants, and many of us have immigrated using the Maple method! We understand what you are going through because we have been through it ourselves. We are passionate about contributing our knowledge to people who are navigating the immigration process for the first time, matching them with expert advice and the resources they need. 


We are a mix of psychologists, mentors, and immigration experts who understand the needs of new immigrants from personal experience. Thanks to our diverse professional backgrounds, we are experts at assigning the right RCIC to each Maple applicant to ensure that they get the best chance at immigration success. 

We’re prepared to guide you every step of the way. Let’s get you to Canada!

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