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Moving to Canada is exciting but can be complicated. Get help from a Canadian immigration consultant (RCIC) to take away your headaches and guide you all the way to your end goal.

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Canada offers many work visa options so look at each program carefully and pick the one that suits your personal and professional situation.

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Our RCIC helps you understand all requirements before you begin the application process in the Canadian immigration system.

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Congratulations on beginning your journey to becoming Canadian! We offer customized support and solutions for complicated cases to improve your chances of getting invited.

Why Canada?

Canada is one of the best countries in the world. When you move to Canada, a wealth of opportunities and doors open up for you.

Canada has a Booming Economy with Limitless Opportunities for Newcomers

Canada's job market is supported by a stable economy and offers great opportunities for every education and skill level. If you have a work visa, Canada has a job for you!

Canada has One of the Best Healthcare and Education Systems in the World

All residents of Canada enjoy a world-class healthcare and education system. One of the best in the world.

Offers High Quality of Life

Canada is one of the best countries to live in and people enjoy a very high quality of life.

Canada is Extremely Diverse

With newcomers from all around the world, immigrants make up approximately 21.5% of Canada’s population of 38.44 million people. People from every race, culture, and religion live in the country making Canada very diverse, and multicultural.

Find out if you are Eligible to move to canada

The Maple Method

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Check your visa eligibility with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Choosing the right visa can make all the difference in your family’s immigration process.

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Start your job search early with exclusive job boards, resources, and tools. Finding a job before arriving in Canada can greatly increase your chance of being selected for a visa.

Join the Community

Connect with graduates of the Maple Stories program who can support you in your transition to Canadian life. Finding a supportive community helps newcomers achieve a sense of belonging in Canada.


When I started thinking about immigration to Canada, I was connected with graduates of MapleStories program- an active, supportive community of people who went through the same stages in the immigration process. Their assistance was priceless and help me get my desired visa.


Some things are best done with help, and Immigration to Canada is surely one of them. no one should have to “write” their Canadian future alone. Thank you MapleStories for fulfilling my Canadian dream!


My business is music, and while I think the biggest struggle for any newcomer is the difference in culture, the language of music is universal. Even when there were difficult moments along the immigration process, MapleStories kept the music playing for me!


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